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5 importan even from my country

1492 - Christopher Columbus visits the island, which he names Hispaniola

  • This is important because it shows that Columbus was who officialy name this Country.

One important event was in 1492 that the island became officially known. when christopher columbus discovered the island. This event started the documented history of the Dominican Republic and also a very quick end to native Taino population.

  • This is important becuase it shows that after columbus discovered the island people were knowing it more. Also when columbus when there the population of taino dicrease.

Up until 1697, Hispaniola was fully under control of the Spanish king but then French explorers arrived and claimed western part of the island, which remained separated from the Spanish part (currently the Dominican Republic) and became the Republic of Haiti in 1804. French brought in hundreds of thousands of slaves from Africa and Saint Domingue – as it was called at the time became the richest colony in the Caribbean.

  • This is important because it shows that french actually separate the country and named that part saint domingue, which is call today haiti. French brought african slave. That was the rich conlony in the caribbean.

The beginnings of the Dominican Republic were characterized by unsettling political disputes and civil war that lasted for 70 years. As if the fight for the leadership within was not enough, the disputes continued with Haiti and Dominican Republic lost its independence, returning the power to the Spanish throne. The independence was then regained in 1865 during the day which is commemorated by the Dominicans as Restoration Day.

  • This event is importantr because you can see that the Dominican Republic lost their power and Spanish gain it, but then by 1865 you can see they gain it back, and this day we call it Restauration day.

1844-Feb 27, Dominican Republic gained independence from Haiti (National Day

  • This show the actually day that the dominican gained they independence.
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Homework 03/04/10 

Is Wal-Mart good for America? Who in the film would say yes? Who in the film would say no? Why/ Why not?

Base on the film we see in the class room about wal-mart i believe that wal-mart is not good for america society. I believe is not good for america because wal-mart buy a lot of product from chinise because they believe that chinise sells their product chippers. But chinise do not buy any product fron america because they think that american products are too expensive. And this affect the economy of the United States because there is lot of money going out but there is no money coming in. I think that chinise and the wal-mart workers or owner will say that it is good for America, they will say yes because they are making money and doesnt have to spend a lot of money on the product and chinise will say yes because wal-mart are buying a lot from then, wal-mart is increasing their economy. I belive that small business in the United States will say not, because wal-mart its a big company and they buy their product chippers so they sells chippers, so they cant get the smallers business out. It will be like monopholies, there will be competition, and only the big business will control the economy.

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homework 3-1-10

Dear Mr. Dolan last week’s outcome was: Student applies sociological imagination to their own lives and to the lives of others. To accomplish this outcome we first needed to know what sociological imagination is, this is when there is a personal troubles and public issues. In order for us to apply it in oue life we started to think about the things that had happen to us since we were born. In order to  prove this we start it to make a time line in which we  shown the personal troubles and  public issues as well. also we wrote a flast fiction in which we sow personal toruble and public issues. personal trouble could easily judge in a negative way by the eye of the society. Also we concentrated on social life, social changes, the causes and effects of human behavior and the way society acts.  With the combination of this we were able to understand more what sociological imagination was all about. Well I have not take the time to really think about applying this work to the live of others  but if I was to applied it to the life of others I will say that I can connect this to the lives of all the people who makes a decision and they get a positive effects or even a negative effects on their life, and to those who try or make changes in our societies.

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Homework 2/8/10

Based on today’s reading and worksheet #3, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how sociology is different from other social sciences.

Based on today’s reading and worksheet socialogy is defferent from other social sciences because socialogy study human society and social interaction as a whole. It help our community to understand the different societies in which we live. Social sciences specialize in specific areas of our social surroundings such as politics, culture, government, and religions, revolutions, recession including social classes. Sociology tries to determine human behavior in social contexts as a whole while other social sciences study individual relationships in society as just one.


H.W 1/25/10 

Part 1: Things that have gone well

Think about the whole semester, all the way back to September. Discuss what has gone well for you this year:

  1. as a learner in this class
  2. as a writer in this class
  3. as a community member in this class
  4. for the class community as a whole

In this class i have learn many things. first of all i have learn about the literary elements. Also i have learn a better way to write an essay for the english regens. As a writer i learnd how to use the words for example using, been and being, and now i can write a better essay in the way that MR.Dolan tought me to do. As a community member in this class i learn that working as a community was much better than just working by ourselves as a single individuals because each of us had a different point of view and idea, and when we all put them together it was more easier for all of us to understood what we were discussing about. Something that has gone well for me during this whole year is my abilities to work and understand very carefull each activity that we has gone through. Its better to work as a community and not as just one.

Part 2: What do we want to be better?

Think of yourself in June. Discuss what you want to do before then and who you want to be when you graduate.

  1. What do you want to learn more about in this class?
  2. What do you want to improve as a writer?
  3. How do you want to improve as a community member?
  4. How do you want the class to work better together?

First, something that i would like to learn more in class is about dictionary skills so that i get familiar with the words. In addition to that as a writer i would like to improve my writing skills and also my grammar because that is something with i really get mess up with and i really need to improve it. Thinking as a community member something i would like to improve is our capacity of helping each others everytime one of us needs our help so that the class as a whole community work better together. 

I’m really looking forward to another semester with you. You all are great.


H.W 2-24-10

Part 1

Personal trouble:

The little kid in the picture is passing through a hard time, hi is having a difficult moment. This kid doesn’t look like hi and his family has money, he looks poor. This boy might be starving, also his family might be starving too. People in this country doesn’t look like their have money, they look like they are control it by the government but the government doesn’t help them. This kid might and his family might die if they continue like this. die if some


Well by looking at this picture I could say that the entire world is running out of natural resources. They might be running out of natural resources might be because there in that country were some major event happening like a war, lot of people were killing each other. Another thing what might be happen could be that other countries could be taking over then and taking out their natural resources, and because of that there is a person without resources to survive.

Part 2

Write a flash-fiction story about your picture from today. Include ideas from the work you did today. Show the connections that you made. Remember that flash-fiction stories have conflicts, rising action, climaxes and resolutions like any other story.

It was a beautiful country before people from other country start it to come there, there was lot of natural resources, enough for people so survive. Every person have a job, a least they have food everyday in the table. But long ago it was a bad day, it was raining and it was dark, you couldn’t see anything and that’s was when Europeans decide to take over that country, they when there and they wanted to take all the natural resources that were in there. But they didn’t wanted to give it to them, so they decide to fight back. They fight but they couldn’t win , so Europeans took over then. They didn’t win again Europe because Europe have better weapons. And they have a big army. So they kill many people on that country, and they took all the natural resources, so the people in that country didn’t have anything, there was a lot of children’s that doesn’t have parents because European kill then. So many people and little kid were dying because they didn’t have nothing to eat. Also people were dying because they could easily attack disease because they wasn’t in good health. Photographer from America decide to went there and see why its is that there is dying lot of people, so when they went there they see that no body was doing nothing to help this people, the one that has money they didn’t worry about others, the people that didn’t know they didn’t even ask what was happen. When the photographer that went there took all the picture he kill him self. People pubic all this picture so when people from other country start it to see all this, them they start it to worry, and the government from many countries decide to help them. And they construct house for people who doesn’t have one, also the little kid that didn’t have parents they were taking then to a house were they could live until they were 18 or if somebody else wanted to adopt them.

Part 3:

Write a reflection about your story that explains how your story shows sociological imagination.[Sociological imagination is the the connection between 1) personal troubles and public issues, 2) personal behavior and social interaction, 3) biography and history, 4) individuals and wider society, as well as other overlaps between the private and public life.]


this story shows a social imagination that is happening all over the world. There are a lot of Poor counties and underdeveloped countries and non of then are getting enough help from the government. People who has no place to leave are not getting the help they need. I believe that this people should get help from the government, but they not getting it so that how social imagination is shown in my story.

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Homework 2/25/10

Time Line

When were you born?·

I was born in 1991 in Dominican Republic in the sector of Santo Domingo.

When did you first speak and/or take your first step?·

First time I speak I was one year old and like 5 month. I take my first step when I was like one year old and like 9 month.

When was your first day of school?·

Sept 17, 1995

When were your siblings or other relatives close to you born?·

My sister she was born in January 22, 1993. My cousin she was born October 5, 1991

When did you and/or your family make a significant move?·

When I was 11 year old me and my family move to NY

When did you change schools if you did?·

I just change school from Dominican Republic to NY

When did you start middle school?·

I started middle school in Dominican Republic in 2001

When did you start high school?·

I star high school in New York in 2005

What are some other major world events that happened in your life?

One mayor even in my life it was the baseball championship game in 2008.

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Homework 2/4/10


  1. What is the difference between sociology and biology?

The different between sociology and biology is that sociology focus on a society and the people who live in it, the action that they take, the relation with each other, and their adactation to the environment. While the study of biology focus on the body system and all living and non living things. 

2.   What is an example of social life or social interaction or social change or groups or societies or human behaviors that is interesting to you? Why?

an example that would be good for a sociology to study will be the social change. We as human we have to adopt to all of this technology that evveryday are changing our world.


Using worksheets #1 and #2, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how the natural sciences are different from the social sciences. Use as many examples from your worksheets as possible

natural and social are two different set of science that human has create. Both of then study different things, the aspect of live and the enviroment. Natural science they stay what coauld happend to the environment Its divided into different fields such as Biology, Geology, Chemistry and Physics. They are in charge of studying the living and non living things in an environment.

However , social science examines the human relationships. What this mean is that they study how human are, (our behavor). Its also divided into different fields such as Anthropology, Economics, Political Science and Psychology. Which is in charge of studying the things that happen to humans in the world. Including econ omic, government, behavor, education and many others things.

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HW 2-02-10

  • Read the document called “What is Sociology?”

Social means the people, logy means the study. Sociology is the study of humman behave as living in a society.

  • In your own words, write what you think sociology is.

Sociology is the way that people act in a environment. They adapt to the environment and live by seen how its alike.

  • Would hallway culture at Bronx International HS be interesting to a sociologist? Why?

Yes because there in Bronx International High School, there is many people from many diferent countries. And by all that people from different culture it will be interesting to a sociology because he/ she will see the behavor from many people.

  • What else might be interesting to a sociologist? Why?

I think what would be interesting to a sociology would to compare this school hallway with another school hallway. Also the people in that environment.

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homework 12- 16-09 


Go to

Read until the “Grievances” section.

While reading, you can watch the videos, too. They are helpful for understanding.

What are the effects of living in an environment with no clocks, no view of the outside world, and minimal sensory stimulation?

Well the the person who faces this situation may have problesm after this, it would get crazy. Also the person will get fustrate because been isolate from the out side world, and with out the sunlight is not normal and i think that denitive would change a person.

 2. Most prisoners believed that the subjects selected to be guards were chosen because they were bigger than those who were made prisoners, but actually, there was no difference in the average height of the two groups. What do you think caused this misconception?

At the bi ginning when we start to read we didnt know who was goint to be who, we didnt know who was goint to be the prisoner and who was the guard. They didnt pick the guard if they were taller, and pick who was goint to be who by flipping up a coin.

3. Do you see any connections to the readings we have done in class? 

yes i see some connection, in the reading there is a part that the gurd tell the prisoner to do some push ups. I think this is connect it to the  Nazis, because in the reading we did in class they said that the nazy were using the same strategies to command the jewfish, so they were talking advantages of their power.

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